2014 Middle Fork American River Fishing Season Begins

With the spring water levels already starting to level out, the boys and I wanted to get into the Middle Fork of the American as soon as we could this year. So, we did our first trip at the end of April, knowing that there was not any guaranteed water release from the upstream dam. As Murphy’s Law dictates, our luck did not pan out. During the night the water dropped from 600cfs to 200cfs, leaving us stranded on the river and unable to reach our designated point. Luckily we were able to contact State Parks by cell phone and take out at an earlier access point, normally behind a locked gate.

Oxbow Powerhouse started giving us guaranteed flows at the end of may, and during the summer months, we have water 7 days a week for 5 hours a day. With three trips on the books already this year we have been seeing some of the big browns moving in the river, and, we have been luckly enough to stick a few as well.

Above Terry Thomas from Kiene’s Fly Shop shows off a beautiful buck he caught while pulling a black streamer.

Here Derrik, another local guide, shows us some pretty red spots.

Here, Grady Garlough, our head guide, demonstrates how to properly get photographed with a big Brown.

We are up and running for the 2014 summer season. For Booking information visit www.riseuprivertrips.com

Kayaking: Silver Fork American River

Kayaking: Silver Fork American River 5/6/2014
Spring kayaking in California on the Silver Fork of the American River. Located just outside of Kyburz, CA, this run boast’s one of the steepest miles in Lars Holbek’s guidebook, “Best Whitewater in California”. An early morning lap with Scott Lindgren, Thomas Moore, Jared Nocetti, Scott Ligare, Taylor Cavin, and Robby Hogg. I did see a few fish rise right before the river rapidly started to drop. I have yet to bring my fly rod into the middle of this stretch of river.