Robby Hogg Class 5 Kayaking by Scott Blankenfeld
Robby Hogg in Drought Trout Willows, By Scott Blankenfeld

A Father & Son Fly Fishing Web Series

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With Fly Rod in hand, I travel with my Dad to the best Fly Fishing Spots on Planet Earth

Robby Hogg

~ Season 1 ~

Fly Fishing for PERMIT/ EPISODE: 1/ Giants of Espirto Santo Bay

By Robby Hogg | September 10, 2018

As the first of a six part series, this trip shows Robby and John Hogg’s first trip to Paradise Lodge located in southern Mexico, in the state of Yucatan. Fishing for Permit, Bones, Tarpon, and Cuda’s, Espirto Santo Bay delivers the goods. Follow along and watch as both John and Robby land the biggest Permits … Read more

Delta Tracker

By Robby Hogg | April 11, 2018

I took my Tracker Boat out on the Sacramento Delta to dust off the cob webs and fish into the evening. Scott B and I  shot this using our new toys/tools, the Crane2  with a Canon 7d Mark II and a Mavic Pro.

DIYAK with Mikey Weir and Robby Hogg

By Robby Hogg | March 9, 2018

Be sure to visit for the upcoming showings of our new film featuring our trip to Alaska in August of 2017.  Here is the trailer for the full length feature.

Gold Fever

By Robby Hogg | February 8, 2016

After 4 years of fishing The Middle Fork American River, we finally connected the dots to show this trip in the best possible way. After a day of fishing, Mikey Wier and I started talking about how to produce this film in a most interesting way. When the dates lined up and we could get … Read more

Fly Fishing: Paradise Lodge – Mexico

By Robby Hogg | November 6, 2015

Paradise lodge is located on the East coast of the Yucatan Peninsula on a thin strip of beach directly between Espiritu Santo Bay and Chetumal Bay. After flying into Mexico, it’s a five hour drive south from Cancun in a cool, air conditioned van. Anticipation builds, and we look forward to spending long days fishing … Read more

Belize River Lodge

By Robby Hogg | November 5, 2015

In 2009, I went to Belize River Lodge with my dad, John. This was my second salt water fly fishing experience following a trip to San Felipe, and I was looking forward to gaining more experience fishing for tarpon, permit, bonefish, snook, and more. To get to the Belize River Lodge, we flew into Belize … Read more

Striped Bass Fishing with Bryce Tedford

By Robby Hogg | November 4, 2015

Robby and John Hogg went out with Captain Bryce Tedford on the Sacramento Delta. It’s October, 2015 and the striped Bass fishing is hot. This day, we each put so many fish to the boat that we’ve lost count. We even had a 20 pounder strike. However, at the end of the day, John pulled … Read more

Floating The Middle Fork American

By Robby Hogg | August 9, 2014

Here is a quick edit from a recent trip on the Middle Fork of the American River. We use double and triple articulated streamers and hunt for large brown trout.

Tunnel Chute (IV+): Middle Fork of The American River

By Robby Hogg | July 23, 2014

For most of our Middle Fork fishing trips, we give our customers the option to run or portage the Tunnel Chute. On this trip, This photo is from a private trip with my Friend Christie when we decided to give it a shot. This was about an hour before she hooked the Brown of her … Read more

Gold in Them Thar Hills

By Robby Hogg | July 14, 2014

It did not take much for my good friend Christie Dobson to convince me that I should take her fishing. We have made two attempts to run the upper section of the Middle Fork of the American River without success, and we thought the third time was going the be the charm. On our first … Read more

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